What Happy Clients Have To Say

I learned a lot from this program which will really help my family to manage our coffee shop. Personally, I love learning how to make non-espresso drinks, iced latte drinks, and also espresso-based drinks.

France Sison

I consider Cooko Academy other than any coffee academy because it is much afforadable yet informative. I have learned a lot about coffee from green beans to fine grind; the different ways to brew coffee, which I can apply to my coffee shop and pass it to my baristas. Cooko Academy has contributed a lot of knowledge about coffee to me. Thank you.

Armi Sison

The last 5 Saturdays for me has never been this exciting. I always look forward not only with the new learnings but also seeing my classmates every weekend. Sir Anton, as well, is a great trainer and altogether made my experience worth it. Cooko is my happy place!

Findelle Bragais

Very good facility with complete equipment for all brewing methods. Training is complete from preparation to cleaning. All consumables are of good quality especially the beans. Overall a very good experience.

Light Li

It was not a mistake that I chose Cooko to learn about coffee and barista training. It was a splendid experience, and worth the time and money to invest.

Jervin Tantuan

Knowledgeable and friendly trainer. Keep it up!

Patrica Lei Ramos

Cooko has an amazing trainer with good facilities and equipment. Learned a lot from Ms. Val. Thank you!

Janine Rampola

Cooko will help jumpstart your business!

Greg Jaeger

I learned a lot and appreciate the coffee knowledge that Ms. Val delivered on this Barista 101. She is very cool, kind, and answered all our questions and taught us from basic to skilled and proper way of doing the hands-on activities.

Tim Ramos

These past few days have been memorable and satisfying for me. The way Ms. Val teaches us is very balanced. I will surely recommend this academy to my friends and family. Thank you so much!

Codi Santos

I would like to say thank you to Cooko Academy for the opportunity and the experience. We will pursue the knowledge that we have learned.

Johnalyn Ferrer

I would like to tell that your Barista training will help me a lot. Thank you so much Cooko Culinary & Barista Academy for this opportunity. More power to your company and God bless!

Cristina de la Cruz

Learning more about coffee has be a wonderful experience. I enjoyed trying different brewing methods and tasting the differences of the cups each would produce.

Patricia Mendoza

It was a very fun experience, learning about coffee, making a lot of different drinks from coffee, and eventually growing an unhealthy obsession with it. The staff and the trainer were fun to be with and I enjoyed the classes surrounded by new people I’ve met in this class. 101% would recommend to friends and family and/or would take this class again.

Roslyn Chantelle Lapira

I personally enjoyed the vibe, loved the classes and the way, our instructor, Ms. Val presented them. I learned a lot and am now confident on slowly adding coffee products to our menu. I most definitely would recommend Cooko Academy for everybody who is interested to learn more about coffee and its inner workings.

Jose Enrique Santos

Cooko for me is a big help in my progress as a Barista. Why? It is because I learned a lot from here. It helped me to be a confident Barista. It molded me into the better version of myself. But all this knowledge came from our very charming and skilled trainor, Ma’am Valerie. Through her, I am inspired to be a Barista. I aspire to be her beacuse she’s a very good leader and a good follower.

Shiela de los Santos

I had a great experience during my training here at Cooko. The facility is great, the ingredients, and equipment are complete. One of the things I really like about this is that the training here is at the top compared to the other training center. Cooko also has a lot of great reviews about the training and experience they had.

Joe Hernandez

This is one of my happiest and coolest experience and training. I will surely miss the environment and classmates. This training is worth the cost we pay!

Andrea Evangelio

My experience in Cooko has been great. I would not forget this experience. Taking this class is very worthy and not a single penny is wasted. This experience has helped me become a better person. I’ve learned new skills that I can use in the future to appreciate life better. Thank you so much for the enjoyable experience and lifelong learnings. More power to Cooko!

Allea Marie Madres

The training facilities and Sir Anton were great. I have learned a lot of information regarding coffee and also non-espresso beverage. I suggest to include lunch food during class session.

Meann Legarda

I enrolled to the right barista academy. Thanks to my love’s eyes. I hope Cooko be known internationally even more. God bless to the staff, Ms. Sue & Sir Ton! Thank you! See you 102!

My experience in Cooko has been great. I would not forget this experience. Taking this class is very worthy and not a single penny is wasted. This experience has helped me become a better person. I’ve learned new skills that I can use in the future to appreciate life better. Thank you so much for the enjoyable experience and lifelong learnings. More power to Cooko!

Allea Marie Madres

I learned so much more about the coffee through Cooko. Although I’ve read a couple of books and watched online videos about coffee, it’s definitely better to have the information I had confirmed/corrected by a professional. I enjoyed learning the different kinds of brewing coffee and I will definitely recommend Cooko to my family and friends. The things I learned and experiences in Cooko will be very helpful in my future plans.

Joy Cruz

It has been an advanced leaning and experience being one of the students of this school. One of the trademarks of the association is providing superb equipment and surrounding us with the good baristas/teacher.

Amazing! Great experience here in Cooko!

Krisitine May Rodriguez

Had a great learning experience. Truly gained a whole lot of new skills. Great facilities and mentors. Will surely come back and recommend!

Isabela Agustin

Good job Cooko! Continue to be a world class academy for baristas!

Jinky Semaña

I enjoyed and learned a lot in Cooko Academy, from the history of coffee to making different kinds of coffee. I will cherish every moment and bring it everywhere I go. Really amazing exoerience and super nice trainer. Now, I’m more confident in making coffee for my friens and family to enjoy. Hoping for a fruture job abroad.

Langela Maree P. Cawilan

For overall experience, I enjoyed my stay here.

Reynaldo de Vera II

It is such an honor to be part of this program. I’m happy I took this course because overall I enjoyed deepening my knowledge about coffee, moreover on making satisfying coffee drinks. The facility really helped everyone in expanding our abilities and getting the feel of working in an actual cafe. Our trainer is so entertaining and friendly that it really helped us absorb all the information. This was an amazing experience and I will never forget what I learned here.

Katrine Lee

Ang dami ko pong natutunan. Hindi lang pala siya basta coffee. Noong pumasok ako dito, wala akong idea sa kape pero ngayon ang dami ko po natutunan.

Jonathan Alarde

Thank you for teaching Miss Val and calssmate. I’m happy to learn new skills.

Lee Sume

Gusto ko ng class kasi ang saya at masarap ng mga drinks.

Lee Yung

I honestly learned a lot just by learning the basics of Barista. Looking forward for more.

Jordan Virgil Magbual

It was nice that my boss introduced Cooko Academy to me. Brewing coffee is fun but using the espresso machine is more exciting. Thank you for teaching me many different kinds of brewing methods and also some techniques on making latte.

Mark Kelvin Cho

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