Course Hours Days Inclusion
Kalita Workshop 1 Monday
  • Kalita Workshop – The most basic hand drip dripper perfect for the beginners to brew at your home. You can have smooth hand brewed coffee and make your own at home with simple equipment also!
Hario Workshop 1 Tuesday
  • Hario Workshop – With most well-known hario dripper, you can brew you own hand brewed coffee with you!
French Press Workshop 1 Wednesday
  • French Press Workshop – Simple is the best. The easiest way to brew a coffee. No more difficult hand skill needed. Just simply pour hot water and wait until it is brewed with your loved ones.
Aeropress Workshop 1 Thursday
  • Aeropress Workshop – Similar with the espresso machine to use pressure to brew the cup of coffee. You can enjoy this portable and nice brewing equipment whenever you want.
Syphon Workshop 1 Friday
  • Syphon Workshop – Must try the fascinating brewing method which uses science to brew the coffee, but it is very simple and unique to make your own cup of coffee.
Group Cupping
(Coming Soon)
  • Cooko Academy is encouraging people to taste and experience different kinds of beans not only in the Philippines, but also in different countries. Sometimes we also used specialty grade beans that you could try and surprise yourself. Do not miss the chance to enjoy and learn public cupping to enhance your experience in coffee.
Roast your own bean
(Coming Soon)
  • Have you wondered how the amazing flavor comes out from the coffee once it is roasted? You can now immediately roast and bring your own roasted bean to brew at your home. You can understand simple knowledge about the roasting and decide the best flavor for you. You can experience this only in Cooko Academy!


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