Blue Wonder Cafe

Blue Wonder Coffee & Bean Roastery is a specialty coffee shop that strives to bring you wonder in a cup.

Blue Wonder Coffee derived from the idea of “Coffee is a Wonder from the water”. Like Jesus made a wine from the water, coffee is a wonderful drink which gives you energy and happiness. Blue Wonder Coffee has opened on 2017, and started to present the best premium blended bean and outstanding single origin beans from different countries, which gives very complex aroma and flavor to the cup.

We roast the beans always to make it fresh and pack it in one-way valve, which is the best way to preserve the beans. Differentiate the bean from usual smoky and bitter coffee, you can experience and feel the smooth fragrance of coffee in Blue Wonder Coffee. Blue Wonder Coffee has 2 branches for the present. One along C5, Pasig, and 1 in Cartimar. We are welcoming those who want to buy the beans for the coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, home café, and so on. We are hoping to let you experience the wonderful coffee with our beans.