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About Us | Cooko

About Us

So what is Cooko?

Cooko is the The First Philippine & Korean Culture Culinary & Barista Academy that Upholds Fundamental, Focus, and Fun learning experience, to become excellent and successful in their profession or business with our Academy.

We make sure to encourage and support our passionate students to dream for their future and also the industry’s future. We are ready to guide and actualize the dreams. We have variety of courses which can suite for the dreams of our students who have different purposes.

We are fully equipped with extravagant facility & high-end equipment and tools for all the culinary lab, barista lab, bakery lab and lecture room. We have pleasant actual coffee shop within the school where student can enjoy their time at our academy.

We make best effort for students to enjoy learning from our school. We are accredited by the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in the Philippines and the Korean Cooks Federation, and other organizations to ensure and maintain the professionalism all the time.



Cooko Culinary & Barista Academy teaches the specific skills and general knowledge which are necessary to become excellent and successful in their professional. We believe that each student has a potential to become a leader of the industry, so we make the student to develop their professional leadership, creative thinking, artistic talents, passionate attitude, proper ethics, and respect for diversity under the guidance of our excellent trainers and chefs. All of the students who learned from Cooko Academy will develop and share their learnings to serve the world.


Our vision is to make the students become World’s Top Culinary & Barista Professionals by clearly recognizing the direction of life to share their skills and values by passion and excellence.

Core Values

“Cooko is Confident and Oriented to be Outperforming by becoming Knowledgeable and Optimistic.”

C: Confident
Cooko is confident that student’s potential will be fully developed in the school.

O: Oriented
Cooko is oriented to make the student to become excellent professionals with sophisticated skills, right conduct and virtues.

O: Outperforming
Cooko believes that all of the students who learned from us will outperform in the industry anywhere they go.

K: Knowledgeable
Cooko makes sure that each student will be knowledgeable enough about what the industry asks from them.

O: Optimistic
Cooko sees different kinds of student and situation optimistically and welcome it as new challenge and development.


Cooko Culinary & Barista Academy education system is patterned after the systematic and exclusive Korean education modules with the collection of professional learning materials and technical experiences. This system is well adopted to the Philippine culture with important core values in the society.

To achieve the excellence in the industry, we provide most updated learning materials to be taught by highly professional trainers who has undergone and experience the actual culinary and barista industry nationally and internationally. We emphasize on actual practices to develop the skills to become excellent, and give lectures to fully understand their learnings. We encourage the active involvement of each student by sharing different tasks and roles which can be adopted in actual working area from the small details to complex techniques.

Our main focus is actualization of the learnings to the industry. We believe that all knowledges students learned in school will be actually useful in their future and they can develop the industry higher level by sharing their skills and knowledge. We are also expecting to have different kind of activities to increase the experience of the students such as field trip, special seminars, tours, competitions, OJT program and different kinds of events.

We are putting most effort to guide the students to have proper and clear direction of their career in life to become successful and highly recognized in the industry. To achieve that, we teach important core values and attitude to become a respected leader, and we give constant management and counseling to the student to support their professionalism.

Our Facilities

A coffee ceremony is a ritualised form of making and drinking coffee. The coffee ceremony is one of the most recognizable parts of Ethiopian culture and Eritrean culture. Coffee is offered when visiting friends, during festivities, or as a daily staple of life.

Barista Lab
Roasting Lab
Bakery Room
Lecture Room
Culinary Classroom
Blue Wonder Café
First Philippine & Korean Culture Culinary & Barista Academy
Phone: (02) 8535 7825
Fax: (0917) 146 6803
Brgy. Bagong Ilog, C5 Pasig City 1605
2nd Floor, #4 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,